bubble making“Our family appreciates all the wonderful opportunities you and your school have provided for Emily to learn and have fun. She always looks forward to school.”


The goal of each of the Bud to Blossom programs is to provide a mind-stretching atmosphere which instills in each child a lifelong love of learning, a sense of wonder about the world around them, and a thirst to know all they can about their world in a positive, exciting learning environment.

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten

Each Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten class lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes, and includes the following activities:

Discovery Time: 60 to 70 minutes which includes math, painting, story dictation, a language table, nature & science, cut and color table, pliable media, sensory table, imaginative and dramatic play, large manipulative (blocks and planned large muscle activities), bookmaking, cooking and other activities which apply to the theme of the week.

child building blocksOutside Time: Each class involves the children for about 30 minutes in our 15,000 square foot playground, which includes riding trikes & scooters, a grassy hill, ball court, and equipment which invites climbing, swinging, sliding, hanging and stretching bodies to their full potential.

Group: About 30 minutes of each morning class is spent in celebrating math and language with songs, poems, stories, games, music, creative movement, drama, multi-cultural, ecology and anti-bias activities. Spanish is offered once a week with a special teacher.

Show Time: Each child may bring one non-violent treasure from home to talk about with the other children as an introduction to public speaking.



As with our preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners, the children in our Kindergarten Class learn through discovery in the areas of math, reading and language, art, science, music, and drama.  Each class day is devoted to encouraging exploration in the areas of painting, language, story dictation, bookmaking, science experiments, cooking, large and small manipulatives, nature study, and social dramatization.  Bud to Blossom’s kindergarten also follows our 1:6 ratio.  Class size is limited to 18 students with three amazing teachers.


Before and After School Care

We have a thriving before and after school program for children ages 5-12. We transport to many area public schools in the morning, mid-day, and in the afternoon. Our discovery learning philosophy continues with our school-age program, which is full of mind-stretching, age-appropriate activities. On most public school closure days, our school-age students meet at Bud to Blossom for full-day classes at no additional cost to parents.

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Bud to Blossom offers classes for ages 3-8, including pre-school, pre-K and before and after school daycare programs featuring enrichment and physical activity. We serve Salem, Oregon and its surrounding communities including Keizer, Jefferson, Turner and other areas of Marion County.