gardening“Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough for all you have done for my family. When the boys began at Bud to Blossom, I knew I no longer had to worry. Each boy has grown so much. They have been nurtured and loved and gently guided. You have made it possible to help heal many of the wounds that they had. They have made wonderful friendships that will last and last. You provided a safe and loving environment for these boys to grow. As we begin our next step in life, please know how incredibly wonderful you are. I love you and appreciate everything you have done for us. We will miss you!”

“We are blessed to be able to send Emily to a school where she is not only safe and cared for, but loved, too. Thank you for the wonderful environment and wonderful loving teachers you provide. Bud to Blossom is like Emily’s second home.”

teaching“Thank you very much for sharing with me the techniques and “secrets” you have gleaned over the years in regards to child-rearing. I find myself enjoying not only my children a little more, but I am enjoying ME a little more, too. I find myself sitting back and watching the wonderful drama unfold in which (my child) is the lead, and delight in watching him discover for himself that the world around him is a good place to be.”

“I would like to thank you for the positive motivation that you give to Toby. I admire the patience and genuine concern you exhibit towards the children.”

child in a mask“Leaving your child in someone else’s care on a daily basis is no small decision – as you well know. Yet we have found that not only is Amanda in the most capable of hands, but that she is also in a loving and stimulating environment. She is a better rounded child because of the consistency of care and nurturing she receives. We treasure each of you for what you give to our family. Thank you for the very important gift you give our community.”

“We have two children at Bud to Blossom and they can’t wait to go to “Bud” every morning. As parents, we are very impressed with every aspect of this school. We have seen our kids “blossom”. The underlying approach of the school is learning through play. We dress our kids in old clothes because we know their day will be packed with an amazing variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Each day’s curriculum is carefully thought out for each of the age groups. That is, the toys in each room change each day to complement the theme of the day. One day may be physics with water, the next might be biology with dinosaurs. You will not find worksheets here; this is hands-on play where the kids have fun and constantly discover new and exciting things about themselves and their world.

child writingOne activity I especially love is story dictation time. For this, each child makes up a short story and a teacher writes it down. Our girl loved this activity and it inspired her to write her own books–and illustrate them as well. I think it also contributed to her love of reading and writing. Another activity is sharing time where each child shares with their class. I think this taught both of my kids how to speak in public and how to respect someone else’s turn at speaking. The facilities are spacious both indoors and outdoors, and designed for kids (e.g., toilets, chairs and tables etc. are child height).

The teachers are of the highest caliber and dedicated to the well-being of the children and to the philosophy of the school. They are especially talented at helping kids develop interpersonal skills (e.g., resolving disagreements with words). In short, this school nurtures a positive self-esteem in a safe environment. If you visit Bud to Blossom, you might be taken aback by the noise and activity of a playground full of kids. What might not be so obvious is the solid foundation provided by the school’s philosophy and the uncompromising efforts of a very talented staff to implement it.”

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Bud to Blossom offers classes for ages 3-8, including pre-school, pre-K and before and after school daycare programs featuring enrichment and physical activity. We serve Salem, Oregon and its surrounding communities including Keizer, Jefferson, Turner and other areas of Marion County.