children playingJust what is “discovery learning”?

Discovery learning is learning through experience and discovery. Bud to Blossom’s learning environment is a dynamic, ever-changing one. We believe that children learn best through doing! We don’t tell children what we want them to know. Instead, we create opportunities for them to discover things about the world in which they live at their own pace. What a Bud to Blossom child experiences is an open, exciting, encouraging (and fun!) learning environment that fully engages them. They think they’re simply having a wonderful time. But those who are familiar with discovery learning know it is so much more than just a great time! Every activity is artfully planned by skilled and thoughtful teachers who know that learning the basics of reading, writing, math, science, andart is best accomplished through a dynamic and creative, child-centered approach.

child and flowersFind a detailed discussion of discovery learning in this article.

But isn’t it just play?

Guided play can be a powerful learning platform for the young child. Children who may appear to be simply playing at Bud to Blossom are likely immersed in a world of discovery learning! Our curriculum is well thought out and planned, specifically engineered to present countless opportunities for developing all types of academic, social, emotional and physical skills.  Children immersed in discovery are busy developing learning strategies that will serve them well in in their school years and beyond.

How does your program prepare my child for school?

Lauren attended your school a few years back. It is still the best school experience we’ve had to date. We speak often and fondly of Bud to Blossom. Lauren excels in school thanks to her excellent foundation.

We have received feedback from many public school teachers throughout the years telling us that Bud to Blossom children come to their classes not only knowing all they should academically, but that they also know how to be a good friend!

How successful are your former students once they’re in school?

writingBud to Blossom children go on to higher levels of learning knowing not only all they need to know academically and socially, but perhaps even more importantly, they know thatthey love to learn, and that they are very, very good at it!  Our goal is to foster a sense of wonder in every child, a desire to know more and learn more about the world around them. We recognize that each child is a unique individual, and we truly value their differences.  We meet children where they are, regardless of their stage of development, and encourage them to grow academically, socially, physically, and emotionally… all without pressure!

How big is your school? How many students do you have?

We have a total enrollment of about 80 families.  There are approximately 30-50 children in our classrooms or on the grounds at any given time.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

When the boys began at Bud to Blossom, I knew I no longer had to worry. Each boy has grown so much. They have been nurtured and loved and gently guided. You have made it possible to help heal many of the wounds they had. They have made wonderful friendships that will last and last. You provided a safe and loving environment for these boys to grow.

The teacher-to-student ratio is 1-6 in morning classes. In the afternoon classes the ratio is 1-8, or 1-10.

child paintingHow much staff turnover do you experience?

We have very little staff turnover.  Because we value our staff both personally and financially (no minimum wage employees here!) and because Bud to Blossom is a joyful place to be, our teachers tend to stay with us for a very long time.  Your child will benefit from the stability provided by a caring staff that will be here today… and here tomorrow, too.

How do you deal with behavior problems?

We lovingly guide and educate children as to what behaviors are appropriate. We focus on positive redirection, social responsibility and community-mindedness. Our experienced staff are experts at helping our students work through conflict. We believe that teachable moments come in various packages. We also communicate regularly with parents and approach any behavioral issues as a team.

Do you serve meals?

No one knows each child’s food preferences better than his or her own parents, so we leave the lunch prep to them. (On a side note, this tends to be healthier than a mass-produced lunch!) We have microwaves and refrigeration available for the lunch your child brings from home. We serve an a.m. snack (“child’s choice”–approximately once a month the parents/children bring a snack to share with their class.)  There’s also a p.m. snack provided by the school.

How much do your programs cost?  Do you have payment plans?

We have many tuition and schedule options, and work with families as much as possible to accomodate their financial needs.  Please call (503) 581-0707 for more information.  Though we are not the lowest cost preschool in Salem, your child receives added value from the fact that our preschool and kindergarten classes each have one more teacher than is required, and because we are able to retain excellent, dedicated staff members over the long term.

children at play

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Bud to Blossom offers classes for ages 3-8, including pre-school, pre-K and before and after school daycare programs featuring enrichment and physical activity. We serve Salem, Oregon and its surrounding communities including Keizer, Jefferson, Turner and other areas of Marion County.